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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Oak Lawn Public Library is:

To assemble, preserve, and provide access to information in a variety of formats to serve the educational and recreational needs of the community.

To promote and stimulate the communication of ideas, fostering enlightened citizenship, and the enrichment of personal lives.

To encourage and provide all citizens the opportunity and resources for lifelong learning.




This Long Range Plan is the product of many talented and dedicated persons.

Long Range Plan Working Group

Dr. James B. Casey, Linda Atkins and Joanne Neff.

Trustee Liaisons: Patricia Roberts and Dolores Hitney.

Library Board and Staff

Board Members:  Patricia Roberts, Dolores Hitney, Richard Gast and John Gonczy.

Staff Members:  James Casey, Jean Day, Mary Dunneback, Jim Baker, Mary Williams, Kathy Szott, Peggy Butcher, Linda Atkins, Pedro Robledo, Julia Churchill, Kathy O'Leary, Marcin Truty, Cindy Kelly, Janet Orzech, Michele Freese, Nancy Dunne, Rose Lozanski, Tom Kochinski and Joanne Neff.

Long Range Plan

Long Range Plan Goals

A. Facilities and Security

1. The Community shall find the Library to be a comfortable, accessible and welcoming environment.

2. The Community shall find the Library to be a clean, safe and well-maintained facility.

B. Human and Fiscal Resources

1. Patrons shall receive excellent Library Services from a sufficient number of staff members who are highly dedicated to Public Service and who possess the appropriate level of education and skills necessary to render the services required.

2. The Library shall provide service to the Community in a fiscally responsible manner.

C. Communication and Promotion

1. Community residents shall be aware of the value of new and existing collections, services and technology available at the Oak Lawn Public Library through multiple promotional venues.

2. Information concerning the needs and expectations of the Community shall be continually sought out by the Library so that relevant service enhancements may be explored for possible implementation.

3. Relationships with community entities, institutions and agencies shall be developed and fostered by the Library.

D. Technology

1. The library shall monitor technology trends, evaluate them, and implement technologies that are valuable and appropriate.

2. Patrons and staff shall have the opportunity to learn information literacy skills they need to access and use electronic information and to use computer software programs and services.

3. The library shall build and maintain a network infrastructure that enables patrons and staff to access current and emerging resources and services, both onsite and remotely.

4. The library shall implement search tools that frontend databases to allow users to customize searches and that integrate the library’s  resources,  and  it  shall promote their use.

E. Collection Development

1. Patrons shall have direct and remote access to high-quality collections in various formats.

2. The Library’s collections shall encompass diverse areas of general knowledge and recreational interest.

3. The Library shall serve the Oak Lawn community’s diverse population by providing select library materials in those languages most prevalent among village residents.

F. Information Services

1. Patrons shall have access to high quality reference services, collections and technology relevant to their needs.

2. Library staff shall have access to education, training and resources necessary to provide and promote high quality information services.

Long Range Planning Focus Group

Community representatives participated in a Focus Group Luncheon in October, 2009.

  • Andrea Anderson, Dist. 123, Curriculum Coordinator
  • William Brouwer, Oak Lawn Bank
  • Daniel Considine, Active Library Patron
  • Megan Dougherty, Principal at Columbus Manor Grade School
  • John Hallberg, Principal at Richards High School
  • Christy Hernandez, Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce/Archer Bank
  • Sylvia Jenkins, Moraine Valley Community College Library
  • Pastor Philip Leo, Calvin Christian Reformed Church
  • Renee Lerner, BookEnds Cafe Owner/Home School Rep.
  • Sherry Maher, Dist.122, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Rev. Peggy McClanahan, Pilgrim Faith Church/Food Pantry
  • Karen Moran, Together We Cope, Family Services
  • Thomas O'Donnell, Principal at Harnew Grade School
  • Beth Purcell, Advocate Christ Medical Hospital
  • Judy Sandberg, Friends of the Oak Lawn Library
  • Adam Woodworth, Oak Lawn Children's Museum


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